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Wooden foundry patterns made from wood, plywood FSF, MDF

Plastic foundry patterns

Foundry patterns for art casting

Wooden foundry patterns made of wood, plywood FSF, MDF

Wooden foundry patterns made of wood, plywood FSF, MDF

Wooden foundry patterns will be an excellent choice for a small batch of castings.
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Plastic foundry patterns

Plastic foundry patterns

Plastic foundry patterns are the best option for mass production of castings. Such patterns are able to withstand from 300 to 30,000 removals.
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Foundry patterns for art casting

Foundry patterns for art casting

In addition to making patterns for foundry, Model Poltava can make patterns for the artistic casting of any complexity.
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Production of foundry patterns is an important step in the cycle of any foundry. The quality and cost of the finished product directly depends on its quality.

What isfoundry patterns?

Casting patterns are sets of special fixtures and tools that are used for production of foundry molds, which are necessary for the manufacture of castings. Casting patterns are often called a “pattern kit.” This kit includes: a foundry pattern, core boxes, patterns and elements of channel and cavity system, templates for molding, and assembly.

In fact, this is a prototype of a future product of plastic or wood. Therefore, it is very important that the product was executed efficiently and technologically correctly.

To achieve high precision, all parts in whole or in part are manufactured on CNC machines. Also in production are used turning and cutting machines. Only assembly and finishing (sanding, puttying, painting) are made manually.

The manufacturing accuracy depends on the following parameters:

  • Accuracy of rendering the model’s geometry during design.
  • Accuracy of CNC machines.

Our company uses modern 3-coordinate CNC machines for manufacturing.

Which material for manufacturing is better to use?

The choice of material directly depends on the number of castings that need to be made using this foundry pattern, because it wears out after molding. If you need to make several hundred products, then a wooden foundry pattern will be enough. If you need to make thousands of products, then it is better to use a plastic foundry pattern.

We make model equipment from these materials:

  • moisture resistant
  • FSF plywood
  • wood
  • MDF
  • model plastic
  • aluminum

When choosing material for manufacturing, our experts take into account the number of desired castings, the technology and method of molding castings, operating conditions, configuration complexity, processing speed and service life, type of molding and pivotal equipment, and the final cost. We also use a combination of several materials to get the optimal ratio of service life and price.

The manufacturing process at Model Poltava includes the following steps:

  1. We receive a drawing or a 3D part from the Customer, or we can develop it ourselves.
  2. We obtain foundry technology from the Customer or we can develop it ourselves.
  3. We develop mathematical models of structural elements in the Solid Works software package.
  4. We develop a control program for CNC machines.
  5. We produce separate elements of foundry patterns. After that, they will be finalized and collected.
  6. We make quality control of manufactured casting patterns.

Our company produces pattern kits for casting with using:

  • molding lines OMEGA, IMF, FAT, etc.
  • manual molding according to sand casting technology.
  • manual molding for cold hardening molds.
  • manual molding for liquid glass mixture molds.

We use modern equipment, advanced design programs using 3D models, which allows us to make casting patterns of any complexity with a high level of accuracy and in the shortest time. Our many years of production experience allows us to take into account the specificities of foundry patterns usage in various casting processes.

We ensure the full cycle of manufacturing pattern kits. Full compliance with production technology in accordance with the world standards in the casting industry. High reliability, maintainability, and accuracy of patterns. We guarantee the maximum geometric accuracy of the resulting castings. Optimal pricing policy.

It is important to understand that casting patterns for foundry, in addition to the forming surfaces contains a huge system of channels through which metal will be flowed. The size of these channels must be correctly calculated according to foundry technology. Also, it is important to maintain the correct slopes. In addition, the process of creating pivotal boxes (as one of the important elements of the kit) is a technologically complex and time-consuming process. Therefore, if you are not an expert in foundry technology, it is better to contact the specialists of our company. This will help you save time and money.

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